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Returning security control

prohibited items to you!



Mail and Sail is a mail service located directly at security control.

The passenger now has the opportunity to have their prohibited items returned by courier, or to throw them away. When choosing the service, passengers receive an individual reference number that acts as a tracking number.

Mail and Sail is a very effective solution to recover your belongings, as passengers.

A service that makes travelling a more enjoyable experience.

1. You, the passenger, place your item into a clear plastic bag, along with the tear off strip attached to the Mail and Sail leaflet. Please write your name, phone number, email address and date on the tear off strip, and take this leaflet with you as it has your reference number printed on the front cover.

Seal the bag. When packing, please make your details visible without opening the bag.

2. You then place the sealed bag (with the item and tear off strip inside) into the collection unit.

3. Go and enjoy your holiday.

4. You have up to 6 weeks (42 days) to contact Mail and Sail, to arrange for your item to be sent back to you, from the day you deposit it. If the item is not claimed within 6 weeks, Mail and Sail will assume that you do not wish to have your item returned.

At that time, the item will become the property of Mail and Sail, to be disposed of, with no compensation to you (the passenger).

5. Read the information on our FAQs page and then pay for the return of your item on the ‘Recover Your Belongings’ page. Items can be sent by courier by standard service. You can pay by Debit or Credit card through PayPal.

6. On receipt of your payment, we will despatch your items. Items are processed and sent out on a weekly basis. Your item will be included in the next shipment batch, once we process your payment.

What happens when you deposit your items with Mail and Sail at security control: