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Returning security control

prohibited items to you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked.

Q) I don’t understand why I had my item taken away by you at the security area?

A) We do not operate the security, and have no authority to decide what is or is not a prohibited item. We are a separate company, who provide this service to allow passengers to recover their items.


Q) I have had trouble contacting your email.

A) Please try our email again at . To return your items, you need to complete the details on the ‘Recover my Belongings’ page and we will process your order in our next shipment batch.

Q) How do I arrange the return of my belongings?

A) Select the ‘recover my belongings’ tab on this website, select your location and make payment via Debit or Credit card through PayPal. Please make sure that you select the correct delivery zone to stop any delays.

Q) How can I pay?

A) All payments go through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, continue as a GUEST to pay by debit/credit card.

Q) Can I pay over the phone?

A) Unfortunately we do not take payment by phone.

Q) Can I come and collect my item?

A) We do not allow for collection, due to security, therefore all items must be returned by courier.

Q) I have paid my invoice but have yet to receive my item?

A) We check payments regularly, and arrange courier collections in weekly shipments. Your item should be included in the following weeks shipment batch.

Q) I live in another country?

A) We can send your items to any country you wish, please see our tariff of courier charges.

Q) What if I put my item in a bag with the reference number, but have decided that I no longer want the item?

A) If you have decided that you don’t want the item, you don’t have to do anything. After 42 days, we will take the item off of our system and dispose of it as we see fit

Q) How many items can I send in each bag?

A) Internationally, you need to send knives separately. If we need to send several items, we can email a discounted quote for multi-shipments.